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The Naked Pilot; The Human Factor in Aircraft Accidents

After landing safely back at the airport with a fire on board, no exit was opened for 23 minutes and 301 people inside perished. Investigations into the causes of aircraft accidents often focus on what happened and who did it - but very rarely on why, which is the question the author addresses in this book.
He propounds that the cause should be sought deeper inside human beings who make simple human errors rather than simply "pilot error".
David Beaty analyzes not only human error flying accidents, but also the latest predisposing errors made by management and government. This book was recommended in a House of Lords debate on aircraft safety.

David Beaty - an RAF and airline pilot, historian and psychologist - analyses not only the human error in flying accidents but also the latent pre-disposing errors made by management and government. No other book on the subject speaks with such clarity to both the expert and the layman. Human factors have been called 'the last great frontier of aviation' and the Naked Pilot seeks ways to breach it
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